Preparing for Success in 2012

Last Updated on May 01, 2024

In addition to setting your business up with the best merchant account designed to fit your its needs, we here at know that there are additional ways to help improve on your business. Over the next few weeks we will be delivering additional articles which we hope will help small businesses both online and off, improve their business and head into 2012 better prepared to be a success than ever before. Our fourth article in this series is directed at helping business owners get a handle on setting their business up for success in 2012.


Preparing for Success in 2012

2012 is right around the corner and many business owners are in the process of making changes that will ensure their success in 2012. It is important to change and evolve with the times or you might just watch your sales and profits fall to the wayside along with the old ways of doing things. In order to keep everything fresh and current, it is important to be able to initiate changes that will benefit the bottom line.

Some of the things to look at to ensure another successful year in 2012 are:

Evaluate your clients and customers.

This may sound a bit odd but a company’s clients or customers can make or break them. Everyone has to deal with a specific client that requires special attention or kid gloves. Unless these clients are the backbone of the company’s profits, it might be time to let them go. A business owner will need to weigh the administrative and time costs to what that client brings in the door. If there is no advantage then it is actually better for the bottom line for the company to let that client go.

This also frees up space and time for new clients that may be a better choice profit wise for the company. The problem client can be replaced by a client that is easier to get along with and more profitable in the long run. Keeping clients happy is an important part of business ownership but they should never be allowed to take advantage of any business.

Try something new!

New ideas can be just the thing a business needs to jump start itself and create new interest and profits. If anything has stayed the same over the past year, it is probably time to change it. If something is broken, fix it by changing the way it is being done.

Get the employees involved and happy.

Happy employees that are fired up about the product or service that a business offers are worth their weight in gold. Happiness and excitement can be like a drug that they will want to share with the world. If a company throws in a contest or reward for those that go above and beyond, they will be rewarded with a sense of renewal, higher productivity and a smaller turnover rate leading to cheaper training costs.

Spread company information any way you can.

Most people think about Social Media when they think about spreading the word about what a company has to offer. Social Media should never be overlooked but there are other, more personable ways of getting the word out. Companies should never underestimate the power of a handshake and a personal meeting.
Public events are gems when it comes to spreading the word about a business. Attending trade shows and other events to introduce the business to potential customers is a must if not already being done. First impressions are everything so if a company presents itself in an interesting, enthusiastic way the possibilities of a face to face meeting become much greater than just stumbling on a Facebook page online.

The company should be original and offer something new and different.

No matter what it takes, for a company to thrive and improve itself it must have something that its competitors don’t and stand out from the rest. Companies have to have something special whether it is with a unique way of presenting itself, a special offer or coupons or stellar extremely enthusiastic employees. Customers want to feel like they are buying something special and they want to feel like they received an excellent deal.

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